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How Smart Access Control Systems Help Businesses Stay One Step Ahead of Criminals

 The battle for businesses to secure their workplaces begins and ends with technology. The smarter your tech, the better chance you have of fully securing your premises from unwanted intruders.

The problem is that too many businesses are unwilling to invest in future-proofing their security, relying instead on outdated analogue technologies.

Divide up your building for greater security

The era when one key got you access to a whole office is well and truly over.

  • Install door access systems in your premises, see how.
  • Divide up your physical office space into zones of importance
  • Restrict access to the most sensitive areas via the key fob, swipe card, fingerprint ID or retina ID.
  • Only those within your organisation who really need access to certain areas are able to reach them.

This creation of guarded areas of higher security cuts down the possibility of accidental or malicious intrusion.

Flexible spaces are the future

In a post-COVID world, more flexible office arrangements will become the new normal

  • Using smart systems of access control can help to keep business premises secure
  • Track the movement of staff in and out of the building.
  • Especially when you share spaces with other companies.

Integrate a full security system

There’s no point in investing in complex security systems unless you can fully integrate your systems to maximise the security benefits. Invest in a system that truly integrates all your security features and reap the benefits of integrating features such as CCTV, door access and verified staff databases.

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Benefits for managing teams

Beyond securing the physical security of your building, smart access control systems offer significant benefits to the wider business, allowing you to manage shift patterns and third-party contractor access remotely, tracking who is working, where and when.

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