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Google Advertising

Google Advertising

Would you like more targeted leads from your website? Google advertising through pay-per-click marketing (PPC) can help. Pay-per-click marketing adverts appear within the search engine results as a sponsored link when a certain keyword has been searched for. Pay-per-click means that you only pay when people click on your advert, thereby optimising the marketing spend.

Pay-per-click marketing is tactical, and immediate but you have to pay for it, while search engine optimisation is more long term, strategic and free.

Our Google advertising service

  • Creating targeted adverts for your selected keywords
  • Setting up the pay-per-click marketing campaign
  • Measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of the campaign
  • Optimising the advert to improve performance

How will you benefit from Google advertising

Pay-per-click is a very cost-effective way in which marketing managers and eCommerce managers can generate more targeted leads and sales from their website. This is because your adverts are only shown to people who are interested in them, and you only pay when people click on your adverts.

Pay-per-click marketing campaigns are easy to set up, and you maintain control of the budget which can easily be increased or reduced.

Why use our Google advertising service

Pay-per-click adverts are very easy to set up; you can easily do it yourself. Unfortunately, that’s how many people start, then they realise they are throwing money down the drain, getting loads of traffic but no leads or sales. We add value to the process by ensuring you use the most profitable keywords, optimise the landing pages, and optimise the adverts based on performance. We also make sure that pay-per-click marketing is integrated with your free search engine results.

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