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Captivate your audience

Web Design

When it comes to keeping your customers engaged, the look and feel of your website are just as important as the content.

You’ve seen it before – a plain, bland, boring website that is in no way aesthetically pleasing – and you’ve done the same thing as your customer would do if that was your site… leave.

It’s sad, but it’s true. An ugly, ‘shabby’ website will not help your business – no matter how friendly or professional you are.

That’s where our Web Designing Services come in.

Designing and coding a website yourself, if you don’t have the correct training/time to put in, is pretty much impossible – and that’s why by allowing us to do it all for you, you’ll be free to concentrate on the things you’re good at (i.e. running your business!).

Of course, you can try to design your website yourself – and you might think it looks great… but will your customers think that?

We know exactly what your customers want to see when they come to your site, and we know that because we conduct detailed research into this. We create ‘virtual profiles’ of your ‘typical customers’ based on a number of variables and design your website to suit their tastes and needs.

Once your site has been designed…

We strive to make sure our customers are happy with our services, so if you don’t like the way something looks, or you’re not too happy about the location of a certain box/image… that’s OK, because you get free unlimited revisions*.

Not only this, but to make sure we’ve done our job properly, we’ll also make sure your new design is working for you by analysing Clicktale patterns* – and if we find something that needs improving, we’ll implement the changes… for free!